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Google Apps

Top Reasons that Make Businesses Consider Google Apps

While a few businesses are satisfied with basic web-based application versions, many others have already realized that the use of Google Apps assures the convenience that its features offer in terms of email and server utilization. In fact, with the vast improvement in IT and computer systems, users that are exposed to them can’t be satisfied anymore with traditional applications. These users look forward to modern IT tools such as Google Apps that can make any website and online business more than ready online even before they are launched on the Internet. Put simply, Google Apps is easily considered as a valuable option for small websites online companies.

Here are reasons why a business must consider using Google Apps:

Cloud Feature
With an exciting IT momentum such as the Cloud, many online companies and IT support groups become aware of the immense opportunities that Google Apps presents. Experts in the IT industry confirm the great significance of Google and Google Apps if only because of the proliferation of Cloud content and collaboration. In fact, other companies have come up with their own versions of this application. For instance, Microsoft offers its own special and updated Office Web Apps. However, compared to Google Business Apps, the latter obviously offers more value in terms of functionality.

Google Apps is comparable to MS Office 365 in terms of features and options. However, the former has a decided edge – it is less expensive than the Microsoft version. To be specific, Google Apps for business costs every user a minimum of US$50 every year. On the other hand, a user will have to spend US$72 a year if he decides to use MS Office 365. Actually, apart from being more cost-effective, Google Apps is a much better choice since it had been adding many vital features and options since the company offered it to the public. Users may also increase the number of features to be found in MS Office 365; however, this requires additional costs.

Google Voice
A vital feature that makes Google Apps a great choice is Google Voice. Availing of such feature means all domestic calls that a user will make via Gmail is totally free. Google voice is a very attractive feature because of its offered video chat, the quality of which competes with that of Skype, Windows Live Messenger, YM, and other major video chat services. Users can launch voice calls easily from Gmail even if video feature is not available.

Google Apps Vault
This is an easy and convenient web-based application that is used to manage pertinent business data. Google Apps Vault is effective in preserving information that is vital to the company. It works well in reducing the costs involved in regulatory investigation, compliance actions, and litigation. Overall, businesses with a great need for online space must opt for Google Apps Vault mainly because of its data management and preservation capabilities.

Simply put, Google Apps, with all its features and benefits; is now considered to be a leading web-based application. IT consulting teams take advantage of this application so that their companies are given the opportunity to obtain the most out of Google.

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